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50th Anniversary Celebration LiveStream from Los Angeles is now over.

July 17, 2021 marks the 50-year anniversary of Prem Rawat coming to the United States. He was a 13-year-old boy living in India who set off to the West on a school break with an offering of practical tools for personal peace.

We celebrate his relentless efforts and his enduring passion to inspire people around the globe to discover their source of peace and the surest avenue for living life consciously.

Thank you for joining us in celebration of this milestone occasion honoring Prem!

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Selfie Videos Campaign Promoting 50th Anniversary Celebration

Interested in sharing your personal experience related to this amazing milestone?

 What’s required:

A well-lit, well-framed, brief selfie video of you speaking about one or all of the following points:

  • 50 years ago at the age of 13, Prem Rawat headed to the West to bring his message to the world. How has his historic initiative impacted you?
  • This year also marks 55 years of his efforts to bring his message of peace to the world. How has his message affected you in your life, to this day?
  • What would you like the audience, at large, to know about Prem Rawat?

Tips to record your message:

  • Selfie will be viewed by all types of viewers—those familiar with Prem Rawat and those who may find this context completely new.
  • Please keep the language neutral.
  • Deadline: ASAP

Tips to set up before recording:


Set up a neutral and clutter-free background with no one else around or behind you. If filming outdoors, make sure you don’t have tree branches behind your head.


If you plan to record in natural daylight, best time to film is during the morning when the sun is still coming up, or in the evening on its way down. This avoids strong highlights and shadows on your face.


Try to avoid recording in noisy environments like barking dogs, honking traffic, etc. Clear audio is as important as your message, so the closer to silence as you can get, the better.

Camera Position: 

Look straight ahead and place your camera at the same level with your eyes. Placing the camera too low causes awkward perspectives and does not present you in a positive light. If possible, place the camera on a tripod or stand. Holding it in your hand while speaking sometimes causes excessively shaky video.

How to deliver your finished selfie video:

  • After you record your message, upload it to your Facebook account and make it publicly viewable by setting ‘Audience’ to ‘Public.’ Then include #PremRawatAnniversaries in your custom message so we can find it on Facebook.
  • Once successfully posted, send TimelessToday a message via Facebook messenger or to, so we can review and re-share your selfie on TimelessToday’s Facebook page.
  • Feel free to share this information.

Here are a few of the 20+ selfies submitted so far:

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