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TimelessToday presents

Two Special Offerings

The Timeless Dinner Experience

A unique dining experience at Dayas Fine Dining Restaurant.

The Timeless VIP Experience

Let us give you the VIP treatment.

Back by popular demand:

The Timeless Dinner Experience

The intensely flavorful cuisine of India meets the culinary creativity of Prem Rawat in this unique dining experience at Dayas Fine Dining Restaurant.

Your four-course meal will feature a variety of delicacies inspired by India’s ancient traditional recipes—to which Prem has added his own touch.

Prem has single-handedly designed each evening’s menu, which will be prepared for you by his team of personal chefs. Enjoy Indian cuisine as you’ve never tasted it. You won’t find these dishes anywhere else in the world.

$550 USD per dinner per person, available for five nights only (Monday – Friday).

Early reservations are encouraged; last year reservations sold out quickly.



—-Aloo Pakora, Lotus Root with Masala

—-Rajwan Urad Dal, Kaddu, Saag Paneer, Khumb Do Pyaza, Jeera Pulao, Breads & Papad


—-Chutney, Pickle, Bundi Raita

—-Salad: Chickpeas, Greens, Tomato, Onions, Roasted Almonds, Dahi, Chilies, Chat, Masala, Immli, Yogurt


—-Urad Dal Pakora, Achari Broccoli

—-Rajasthani Dal, Aloo Gobhi, Loki Sabji, Greens Bhuji, Onion Pulao, Breads & Papad

—-Besan Halwa

—-Chutney, Pickle, Kheera Raita

—-Salad: Tiny Urid Dal Pakoras (croutons), Lettuce, Mustard Oil Lemon, Vinaigrette


—-Bhajia, Spicy Nuts

—-Toor Dal, Aloo Baingan, Papaya Sabji, Dhakni Saag, Gobhi & Matar Pulao, Breads & Papad

—-Moong Dal Halwa

—-Chuntney, Pickle, Loki Raita

—-Salad: Roasted Eggplant, Roasted Tomatoes, Roasted Jeera, Yogurt with Chutney Dressing.


—-Achari Mushroom, Gobhi Pakora

—-Masoor Dal, Kaddu, Bhindi, Hara Pyaz Bari, Kashmiri Pulao, Bread & Papad

—-Daliya, Chutney, Pickle, Baingan Raita

—-Salad: Spinach with Tiny Urid Dal Pakoras (Croutons), Sirka Onions, Immli, Lemon and Yogurt Dressing.


—-Bhindi Pakora, Fried Gobhi

—-Peas Paneer, Banarasi Aloo, Mirch Ka Salan, Peas Mushroom Subji, Hara Pyaz Pulao, Bread & Papad


—-Chutney, Pickle, Kashmiri Raita

—-Salad: Cut Naan Toasted, Wilted Mustard Greens, On a Immli Mustard Oil Vinaigrette

For the first time ever:

The Timeless VIP Experience

Let us give you the VIP treatment.

Your afternoon will include:

  • A healthy gourmet buffet lunch at Dayas Fine Dining Restaurant hosted by Premlata Rawat Hudson, featuring a sumptuous selection of entrees (from fish and fowl to vegetarian dishes), salads, sides, and desserts—including many vegan options that are gluten- and dairy-free
  • Transportation from the Pavilion to Dayas Fine Dining Restaurant and back
  • A print of Prem’s peerless photography, with a different image offered each day (open edition worth $60 USD)
  • A chance to win a front-row seat normally reserved for Prem’s family at the afternoon’s event (four raffle winners each day)

$250 USD per day per person. Available for five days only (Monday-Friday).