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“Escúchate” (Learning to Hear Yourself)
Reaches Top 10 Bestseller List
Prem Rawat’s life’s work has been focused on putting people in touch with their inner peace.

In his latest book, “Escúchate” (Learning to Hear Yourself), Prem Rawat tells us, “Peace is in people, not in things. It is in you. And it is there to be sensed, felt, experienced, treasured and celebrated.”

One week after the book launched, Prem’s words were resonating in Spain, where, according to ABC newspaper, “Escúchate” reached the Top 10 Best Seller non-fiction list in Spain.

Media celebrity Anne Igartiburu hosted Prem’s sold-out event at Madrid’s Calderón Theater, sharing the exciting experience with her 132,000 Instagram followers: “There are certain occasions in life when you feel you are very lucky. The launch of the book #Escúchate . . . was one of them.” “Escúchate” was also launched in Argentina on March 1 and in Uruguay on March 16, 2020.

Model and wife of international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, (16.9 million followers) posted that the book helps its readers find inner peace, supporting the idea that “self-knowledge is what allows you to experience it.”

Prem’s compelling interviews with HOLA! Magazine ( 5 million readers) and with Cristina Galafate of TELVA, El Mundo’s lifestyle magazine (3.4 million readers), have also inspired people to read his highly regarded book.

Of the over 80 reviewers on Amazon Spain, 98% have given “Escúchate” a 5-star Rating (see excerpts below). Visit for full reviews in Spanish.

“In this book I have found an enjoyable, beautiful and direct guide to the heart.” – Gema

“It makes you feel that it is transforming you as you read.” – Marife G.