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Peace is Possible with Prem Rawat

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia


The Replay of this event is now available in English.
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You can access the Replay on the TimelessToday app or website with a subscription.
You can access the Replay on the TimelessToday app or website with a subscription.
In the midst of an ever-changing world, where do we find our anchor? Best-selling author and global Ambassador of Peace Prem Rawat spoke about the inner strength that comes with personal peace on October 27th at the elegant Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. He also interacted with the young winners of the 2018 Storytelling Competition
(which featured stories from his  Splitting the Arrow).

The 2018 Storytelling Competition was organized by Navagon Digital Sdn Bhd in partnership with Kifubon Malaysia, which  promotes peaceful coexistence through the sharing of donated, inspirational books with primary schools, prisons, and other institutions.

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