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"The Answer Within"

The Replay of this LiveStream from
Manchester is now available in English and Spanish.

The Replay in Hindi will be available soon; stay tuned.

“The Answer Within”

The Replay of this LiveStream from
Manchester is now available in English and Spanish.
The Replay in Hindi will be available soon; stay tuned.

Milan LiveStream Replay (click here for more info)

The Replay of this LiveStream is now available in English, Spanish and Italian with your subscription.
(The Replay in Hindi is coming soon; stay tuned for details.)


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Enjoy the Replay of the Manchester LiveStream “The Answer Within” with master storyteller Prem Rawat in English and Spanish with your subscription. (The Hindi Replay will be available soon.)

“Know yourself. Understand who you are.”
– Prem Rawat, Manchester, UK, July 7, 2019

Life can be full of questions. On July 7, 2019, Prem Rawat spoke in Manchester, UK about “The Answer Within,” and the practical perspectives explored in the latest English version of his book “Peace is Possible”—themes that have made the book a global hit. (It’s now available in 15 languages.)

As usual, Prem sees things from a different—and clarifying—angle…whether it’s the power of hope, the antidote to distractions, or the need for a “self-messaging system.”

Enjoy the Replay of this LiveStream, which captures Prem in conversation with Welsh comedian Tom Price as well as speaking directly to the audience, from the heart.

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