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You’re now on the updated TimelessToday Website. Welcome!

Our updated website and app support Subscriptions, a user friendly, cost effective and convenient way to access paid content on TimelessToday. You can enjoy TimelessToday content on your computer, phone or tablet.

If you’re looking for content that you purchased on the original TimelessToday website, you may already have access to it, because…
A TimelessToday Subscription gives you access to material that’s been previously published on TimelessToday.

Our Premier Subscription gives you access to all content that has been published on the TimelessToday website since it launched in July of 2016. That includes all video, LiveStream replays, audiobooks, events:

  • LiveStreams and extended access to Replays (audio & video)
  • Audio and video recordings from select regional events that are not streamed live
  • Spontaneous short highlights and media releases
  • Selected animated stories

Our Classic Subscription includes:

  • Audio versions of LiveStreams and extended access to audio Replays
  • Audio from selected recorded events
  • Selected video clips

So if you have a subscription, simply log in to the TimelessToday website or App (on your phone or tablet), and enjoy your subscription content, including items previously purchased if they’re included in your subscription.

Previous Purchases

If you don’t have a subscription, or If your subscription level doesn’t give you access to your previously purchased items, here’s how to gain access. (remember, some items were time limited to 1 year or 30 days, etc.)

Did you purchase downloadable audio/video?
Did you purchase access to the following streaming video?

  • 2017 Thematic Events Season Pass
  • 2017 Thematic Event Individual Videos
    • An Unopened Gift – Nottingham, UK 2017
    • Born to Feel – Miami 2017
    • Essential Gratitude – Los Angeles, USA 2017
    • Journey To The Self – Edinburgh, Scotland 2017
    • One Day Would Be Enough – Bournemouth , UK 2017
    • The Feeling of Belonging – Belfast, North ern Ireland 2017
    • Timeless Breath – Brighton, UK 2017
  • Unlocking Hope Video – Cape Town, South Africa 2017
  • Splitting the Arrow Audiobook
  • Barcelona Dec 2017 Audio LiveStream (expired)
  • Barcelona Dec 2017 Video LiveStream (expired)
  • A. Dec 2017 Audio LiveStream (expired)
  • A. Dec 2017 Video LiveStream (expired)
  • Madrid Livestream (Audio/Video, English Spanish, expired)

If so, you can access these items by going to the TimelessToday store here:

  • Login to your account.
  • After logging in, you will be brought to the “My Account” page, where you can see all your orders.
  • Click on an order to see how to access your purchase.
    • Downloadable items will have a download link.
    • To access a streaming product, click on the product name and then follow the link on the product page.

Did you purchase access to the following streaming videos?

  • 50thAnniversary Gift Set (full set or individual videos, 1 year)
  • Prem Rawat in Soweto (30 days),
  • Prem Rawat in Sebokeng (30 days)
  • Individual Amaroo 2016 videos not part of the 50thAnniversary package (30 days)
  • (check to see if anyone has recently purchased the last 3 items, otherwise, leave them off this list)?

If so, you can access these items by going to the Vimeo site here:

  • Login to your account on Vimeo
  • Click the image on the upper right of the top bar
  • Choose “Purchases” from the menu.
  • Click on any of your purchases to view.
  • If you don’t see your purchases there, they may have expired.

Did you purchase a TimelessToday Gift Card?
Please contact TimelessToday Customer Care at